Evangelical Lutheran Church
Missouri Synod


Below are Pastor Alms' recent sermon videos and if you wish to listen just to the audio
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  1. Where Are My Miracles
    Sermon 1-13-19
  2. You're Included
    Sermon 1-06-19
  3. Making Christmas Last
    Sermon 12-30-18
  1. Christmas Eve
    Message 12-24-18
  2. Reasons To Rejoice
    Sermon 12-16-18
  3. The End Times, and Next Tuesday
    Sermon 11-18-18
  1. All Saint's List
    Message 11-04-18
  2. The Eye of A Needle
    Sermon 10-21-18
  3. We Love Our Stuff too Much
    Sermon 10-14-18
  1. Be Big by Being Small
    Message 9-23-18
  2. Put Yourself in the Story
    Sermon 9-23-18
  3. Making the Main Thing, the Main Thing
    Sermon 8-27-18